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Welcome to Starlight Church Baptist Church

Thanks for taking a few minutes to explore our church family. We know that “church shopping” is difficult and full of challenges. It can also be intimidating and, well, scary.We hope that we are just what you’re looking for.


Starlight Park Baptist Church is a small church with a BIG HEART! ¬†We strive to make everyone feel welcome. Here you will find senior folks who have been in our church family for decades. You’ll also find new families with young children, youth, singles, young adults and those of us who are showing a few grey hairs… We are a Bible believing, Southern Baptist Church and we would love to have you join us.

The primary way we interact with folks via the internet is on our Facebook page. If you have a Facebook account feel free to stop by and say hi. For everyone else we’ve included some of the most current posts right here.

Thanks for visiting and we hope to meet you soon.

Pastor Mike



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We are on our 5th week of Romans 12. We have Baptized one young man and saw a family publicly renew their walk with the Lord. Our Lord is so good to us. This week we will be focusing on Verses 13 - 15. This is one of the true heartbeats of the Christian Family. I know that our Lord will touch your life with His word, if you will allow Him to. His desire is for us to know and enjoy a full and abundant life. Within His word is the knowledge we need learn, so that we can live and enjoy the love He has for us. Come and join us this Sunday at 10:15, see how His word does apply to you. Our address is 7901 W Osborn Rd Phoenix AZ 85033. Looking forward to seeing you. God bless Pastor Mike ... See MoreSee Less

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Last Sunday Romans 12: 10 opened the door for true change within the hearts of people. The scriptures teach us to " Love one another deeply as brothers and sisters" This is apart of the foundations that we need in order to fulfill our role within the kingdom of God. Love brakes down the walls that separate us from being the family that our Lord has created and empowered us to be. "LOVE" it sounds so simple to live by, however we are people and we know how to make the simple very difficult. Therefore our challenge is to choose to love and not allow our own desires and or thoughts to get in the way of that love. The bible said " Love one another deeply as brothers and sisters." What do you say? More important, what will you do? ... See MoreSee Less

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I up this morning preparing for Sunday Morning service. We will continue in Romans 12. This week we will look at the next step in the developement of a true Christ centered heart. I like How Paul teaches the truth about how to change your life. How to enjoy the abundant life that our Lord promised His sheep. To many do not enjoy the abundant life that our Lord has provided them. To many are overcome with the world and the desires of the flesh. To many are hurting and broken, to many. Come and join us as we learn from God word.
Learn what it means to live an abundant life. Starlight Park Baptist Church 7901 W Osborn Rd. Phoenix AZ. 85033. At 10: 15 AM. Looking forward to seeing you, Pastor Mike.
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Jesus said" lift up your eyes and look on the fields, they are white for the harvest" This is a well known statement with a very strong meaning that we will be covering this Wednesday night at 7 pm. Team kid starts at 6:30. Looking forward to seeing you. ... See MoreSee Less

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What does it take to fill a heart with Joy? Our world wants us to be negative, NFL, Presedent, wicked and evil people fill the air waves, news papers and facebook. We can walk down thier road, or we can walk in the light of our Lord Jesus Christ. Come and visit us this Sunday. Find the truth in 2 Peter 3. Hope to see you thier. ... See MoreSee Less

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I am up this morning sharing some of my study time. This Sunday we will be in Genesis Chapter 3, " The fall of Man" It is hard for me to even conceive a time on this earth when mankind was at peace with God, with others, and himself. You must wonder, with everything going so good, why would you do something to mess it up. Come and visit us this Sunday as we look at the power of "desire" . Sunday School starts at 9 am, Worship starts at 10:15am. Looking forward to seeing you. Our location is 7901 W Osborn rd. Phoenix Az 85033 ... See MoreSee Less

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