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Welcome to Starlight Church Baptist Church

Thanks for taking a few minutes to explore our church family. We know that “church shopping” is difficult and full of challenges. It can also be intimidating and, well, scary.We hope that we are just what you’re looking for.


Starlight Park Baptist Church is a small church with a BIG HEART! ¬†We strive to make everyone feel welcome. Here you will find senior folks who have been in our church family for decades. You’ll also find new families with young children, youth, singles, young adults and those of us who are showing a few grey hairs… We are a Bible believing, Southern Baptist Church and we would love to have you join us.

The primary way we interact with folks via the internet is on our Facebook page. If you have a Facebook account feel free to stop by and say hi. For everyone else we’ve included some of the most current posts right here.

Thanks for visiting and we hope to meet you soon.

Pastor Mike



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5 July 2016, the day after, and i believe the true fireworks have only begun. We will see an election like we have not seen before, we will see unrest in the world and in our own land. We as a people will learn to distrust people, more than we have ever thought we could. No I am not predicting the future, as much as I am paying attention to what is going on around us right now. Right now... the true test of our faith is found in our ability to trust Him, even when we do not like, want or believe what is going on around us right now. True faith requires action, real action from God's people. This action is simple, love the Lord your God with all your heart. Take the time to worship Him as He has designed us to worship Him in church Hebrews 10: 23 - 25 -- do not forsake, your faith, your brothers, and the assembling together. We must display our loyalty and love, if we are ever going to reach the one who do not have Christ. It is this simple, If you Christ ambassador, are unwilling to follow Him, why should they. Why should they. ... See MoreSee Less

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Summer is here, Vacations, travel, water parks for the kids, and so much more. So much more... Paul in his letter to the people of Ephesus, gave one of the most powerful prayer request I have ever seen or read. Eph 1: 17 " I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, would give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him" (HCSB) Think about that for just a moment. What a gift that would be. To have a better and more complete understanding. Wow, then I pick up HIs word and read, and know that this prayer has been answered, We can have a better and more complete understanding of God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. All we haft to do is read His word. It really is that simple. Maybe this summer is the summer you can find just a little more time to sit down and enjoy the good book. Maybe? ... See MoreSee Less

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Have we made it yet. It almost feels like summer, it just might be time to get out of the heat. Then we remember, Psalms 19:6 and we know there is no place to hide. Friends this leaves us with 2 choices, 1) accept the heat and find thing to do or 2) complain about the heat. Allot of life is that way. It is full of events and circumstances we cannot control, but we must live with them. (
Example,the summer heat.) We have a choice, we can accept the circumstances, get up, and begin to deal with it. or we can complain about it, cry about it, and then rollover and allow it to steal some of our lives. Now here is the hard part, everyone has a "yea. but". Everyone has a story, a struggle, a burden so difficult, it simple cannot be dealt with.yes I agree, some burdens need a little time to over come,however all burdens can be over come, through Jesus Christ. Even your yea but. amen. For some it just might be time for you to get up and start moving forward. amen Like if you agree. We are teaching in the book of Ephesians and God is dealing with some "yea Buts" of yesterday and today. Come and join us at 10:15 am, this Sunday morning. 7901 W Osborn Rd. Phoenix Az 85033
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Summer is almost in full swing, we are looking forward to the normal water activities. To see the kids playing on the slip and slides, in the swiming pools, and even in the sprinklers. It bring back memories of when my dad would cut watermelon and serve it up ice cold on a hot July night, or when we would all load up in his truck and go camping by the river that never had any fish. :) The memories. What memories of summer do you have, and what memories will you create this summer. I know that this year our youth will be creating a wonderful set of memories at the new camp they will be apart of. I am very excited for them and cannot wait to here them all. Will, I must run, praying that you will enjoy a blessed day, pastor Mike. ... See MoreSee Less

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