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Welcome to Starlight Church Baptist Church

Thanks for taking a few minutes to explore our church family. We know that “church shopping” is difficult and full of challenges. It can also be intimidating and, well, scary.We hope that we are just what you’re looking for.


Starlight Park Baptist Church is a small church with a BIG HEART! ¬†We strive to make everyone feel welcome. Here you will find senior folks who have been in our church family for decades. You’ll also find new families with young children, youth, singles, young adults and those of us who are showing a few grey hairs… We are a Bible believing, Southern Baptist Church and we would love to have you join us.

The primary way we interact with folks via the internet is on our Facebook page. If you have a Facebook account feel free to stop by and say hi. For everyone else we’ve included some of the most current posts right here.

Thanks for visiting and we hope to meet you soon.

Pastor Mike



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in just a coouple of day we will be asked to remember the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom. I think back at my time in the military and know it was but God's grace that I was not one of those we will be remembering this weekend. Please know that I am trulty thankful that I am here wrighting this post, and I am thankful for those who gave thier life so that I, my family, my friends and my nation could enjoy the gift of freedom. My prayer today is that we, never forget that the freedom, we enjoy truly came at a high price. This weekend I ask that you take a moment and not lift a glass, but a prayer "Thank you Lord for those who paid the ultamite price for our freedom, amen". Take a moment to honor the ones who gave their lives and the One who created the ones who were willing to give their lives. Thank you. (Please share this request). ... See MoreSee Less

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The countdown it summer is on it way. I remember Psalms 19:6b nothing is hidden from its heat... Amen, how true this statement is for the valley of the sun, and in the months to come. However just as ver 6 is true so is verse 7 - 13. the instruction of the Lord are given out of love. They are designed to keep you from injury and unwanted discomfort. I think about this weekend and the baraque grill that I was cooking on. Phebie wanted to come by me and the very hot grill, her father who keep a close eye on her, stopped her just as she started to look like she was going to go by the grill. Amen. Our father in heaven keeps a close eye on us as well, He has given us instructions to keep us from moving close to danger, close to places and things that will harm us. Our father does not want us to suffer or struggle because of are lack of wisdom. therefore He gives us His wisdom through His word. what a gift. Let's face it, life is had enough with us adding to our own problems. His wisdom is real and worthy of us following. Amen. ... See MoreSee Less

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Mothers, what a beautiful gift God has given to each of us, and this is the day we as a society have chosen to remember our mothers. I want to encourage everyone to, if posible, contact your mom and tell her how much you love her. Spend a moment being thankful for the gift of life that she gave you and the gift of love she conitued to give you through out your life. Take a moment to reflect on some of the memeries that you hade as a child. I know that in my life one of the moments that i remember the most, is when i was learning to play the guitar and my mother sat down beside me, together we sang the song "I like to buy the world a coke". It did not belong on some talent show, but it did perfect on the tablet of my heart. All of us have memories that have been writen on the tablets of our hearts. Take the time this day to call Your mom... ... See MoreSee Less

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May is here and the flowers are starting to raise up and shine, the grass is turning green and our noise is going wild. The things that happen in life.:) Life, we often live our live day by day, thinking about what I must do to get through this day. Then after enough days have passed you celibrate the birthday that touches you. The one that lets you know that your tommorows are numbered and that number is not as far away as you would like it to be. I think about King David and the 23 Psalm, how he was sharing that moment in His life. How He spoke of the journey that he had traviled, the the journey that stood before him. I think about how he remembered God hand of protection and direction. I think about the still waters, and the valleys of death that I have traviled. I think about the table that my Lord has prepared for me, and how my enemies cannot change what God has put in place. I find myself thanking the Lord that I as well as King David understand the eternal security of the Lord. Do you know the eternal security that the Lord Jesus Christ? Does He hold your future in the palm of His hand? I pray He does, if not please come and join us this Sunday morning at our 9AM bible study. We will be studing Matthew 26. Hope you will join us.
7901 W Osborn Road, Phoenix Az. 85033
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We are starting a new message series out of the book of James. I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been to be a Christian in the first century. The Christian was persecuted because of his faith. This persecution came from, family, the Jewish religion, and the Roman government. James challenged, encouraged, and, trained the church through this letter. I want to encourage you to join us as we lean from James together. We will start this Sunday. ... See MoreSee Less

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Yes He has Risen. April 16th at 6:30 Am we will enjoy our Sun raise service, followed with a pancake breakfast, Bible study at 9 Am and then our normal worship service at 10:15 Am. Our focus will be the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the victory He has given to us. Yes we know through our personal relationship with Jesus Christ, that He is alive. He has risen from the grave and now sits on the right hand of the Father. This is the truth and therefore we celebrate. We also know that there are those who do not know, who do not understand, and maybe even some that do not want to know or understand. April 16, we will be sharing God's word, His truth, His victory, and His love for you. Come and join us. Our address 7901 W. Osborn rd, Phoenix Az 85033. our phone # 623-849-3312. ... See MoreSee Less

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